It was just a typical day, typical new launch, typical briefing..

When one of the in charge is giving an overview of the Jurong Lake District, 2nd CBD of Singapore where all of the agents were busy taking notes as he speaks. From the future central business district to the high speed rail and finally, to the lake district where water play will take place in future.

As I was listening I was convinced in the product and decided that it’s definitely a good product to introduce to the clients of mine. Started to piece all of the information slowly into my mind, analysing the surrounding and doing a comparison. Slowly, I’m even more convinced.

While heading back, I was driving and continue piecing the information together. And a sudden adrenaline rush came, and I thought. Why not I just do it? It would be good to own a property at the age below 30, to own an asset you can call yours. To start investing in the market that I have always been doing groundwork on.